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Cleaning the Floor

Schools & Universities

From elementary schools and high schools to universities, and other educational facilities- Jan-Serve has a specialized cleaning program to ensure a healthier learning environment. It has been proven time and again, a clean and healthy facility makes for a better learning environment. Students, staff, and families can be susceptible to the spread of germs, but Jan-Serve is up to the challenge of minimizing that risk with our proprietary commercial cleaning program.

Modern Architecture

Dedicated Educational
Facility Cleaning

When your facility requires cleaning more specialized than our everyday 
janitorial services, you can trust Jan-Serve to deliver the most 
effective school cleaning services, sanitization techniques, and 
hospital-grade products to eradicate up to 99.97% of germs. Your 
institution seeks to deliver the highest standards of academic 
excellence. With Jan-Serve, you can ensure your professional cleaning 
service is working to deliver the highest standards of quality for the 
benefit of your students, faculty and staff.

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