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Fitness Center

Fitness Centers

Bacteria often thrives in warm and moist locations and fitness centers 
are no exception. Often fitness facilities may offer members sprays  or 
disinfectant wipes for cardio machines and free weights, however there 
is  no guarantee members will use them properly and at set times.
Jan-Serve offers cleaning services that will keep your facility looking 
clean and smelling fresh, creating an inviting experience for both new 
or existing members. Call Jan-Serve Today for a Free Estimate.

Fitness  Centers CLEANING Services

  • Facility & Equipment Wipe-Down/Cleaning

  • Members keep coming back because we help you maintain your equipment by our enhanced cleaning method process. A popular cleaning program we offer is a timed wipe-down schedule for cleaning your facility, equipment, mats, and exercise gear. This method ensures your equipment is sanitized and nothing gets missed. We provide both germicidal and environmenatally preferred products that will sanitize surfaces without damage.  

  • Locker Room Cleaning

  • In additional to our exceptional restroom and locker room maintenance program, we add odor control with metered aerosols that deliver 24-hour odor control. 

  • Sauna Rooms

  • We provide maintenance of the stone and wood surfaces in sauna rooms with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners that naturally deodorize, leaving surfaces clean and residue- free. 

  • Lobby and Entrance/ Cleaning Class Studios and Floors

  • We provide superior cleaning treatments to all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Helping to maintain a sparkling clean First impression beginning from the lobby and maintaining first-class impressions throughout your entire facility. 

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