Our Mission 

Nowadays, Customers demand much more than a basic clean, or a nice smile (although smiling goes a long way) they want and expect companies to do what they promise, to clean the way they promised and in a  manner that is exceptional.  And with the advent of the Internet it is very easy for customers to look elsewhere.... And they do. Customers have and will educate themselves on what to look for when hiring a janitorial company. They educate themselves on what products clean best, how a company should be cleaning-such as what equipment they should be using, and how the service is delivered... "with care " (detailed eye for dust on the baseboards or "sloppy"(rush through and knock over a lamp). What he/or she should expect from a janitorial company for their money.  Customers are very savvy nowadays, and they know exactly what they want. The internet is full of descriptions and reviews of companies alike, with the good, bad and the ugly. And simply put, if service does not excite the customer, there are many opportunities for that customer to look elsewhere. At Jan-Serve, we are glad about this. We are happy when a customer does their homework, because they know what they want and we know what they expect...which is "amazing cleaning services delivered by professional janitors who care the way they care about their business. 

At  Jan-Serve  (our name means...Janitors who "serve", Hence Jan-Serve ) We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality clean that is not only exceptional but goes above and beyond what is expected by our customers.  So from this our mission statement grew. Our mission: 

if we are to deliver the highest quality clean to commercial clients it must be performed in a manner that is exceptional and  with sincere dedication. At Jan-Serve we have just one Mission: “Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.” “To provide authentic hospitality in cleaning by making a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day. ”Service is our mission and Clean is our pride".


Who We Serve 

Our professional and highly skilled janitorial team members, take care of clients across all commercial industries including Commercial Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Technology, Movie Industry (on-set, offices) Food and Beverage, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Aeronautics and Nuclear Power, Parking, Retail, Sports, Technology, Warehousing, and much more.


Covid -19: We Will Improve your facility’s health with professional cleaning services

Proper disinfection of surfaces is proven to reduce the spread of germs, helping to keep your employees healthy and on the job. Additionally, clean floors and regular dusting not only improves the overall health and safety within your facility, it can also have a direct impact on the positive morale of those working in the building every day.